Cameron Das Takes Back-To-Back F4 U.S. Victories in New Jersey

Cameron Das Takes Back-To-Back F4 U.S. Victories in New Jersey

Cameron Das of Brooklandville, Maryland, stole the show claiming a pair of victories in Races 2 and 3 as the Formula 4 United States Championship mid-season event came to a close at New Jersey Motorsports Park on Sunday.

“It feels amazing to come in so quick and do well through the entire weekend,” Das said. “It shows that the hard work in the beginning really pays off in the end.”

Das, piloting the metallic blue and white Zero Chroma JDX Racing F4 U.S. car, was unstoppable the entire weekend setting fast lap time in practice, qualifying and starting pole all three races. Das blasted from the Formula 1 style standing start in both races, gaining a substantial lead on his competitors.

Das would only be passed once during both 30-minute race sessions by Moises de la Vara of Guadalajara, Mexico. Das quickly regained the lead from de la Vara after one turn.

Konrad Czaczyk of Loxahatchee, Florida, who swept the inaugural weekend of F4 U.S. events in July before a pair of 10th-place finishes earlier this month, found himself back on the podium, finishing second in the weekend finale events.

“I tried chasing down Cameron toward the end of the race,” Czaczyk said. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch him today. He was just a little too fast this weekend.”

Series newcomer Skylar Robinson of Augusta, Georgia, crossed the finish line back-to-back times in third position. Robinson’s battle for third during Race 3 was alleviated once the safety car was called to the track for a single-file restart after a full track double yellow. Robinson was able to jump the start, find his racing line and pull away from the back of the pack.

Double yellows were thrown halfway through the final event of the day after Darren Keane of Boca Raton, Florida, took a wild ride off of Turn 1. After crossing the start finish line during lap seven, first-time F4 U.S. Championship event entrant Quinlan Lall of Ringwood, New Jersey, tried to make a run on Keane late in the front straight to overtake fourth-place position. The two competitors connected tires midway through the turn and Keane’s car went off-track, rolling two times through the air. Keane emerged from the car unhurt but was unable to return to the race. Lall’s No. 3 car skidded into the dirt off-track but continued the race.

“I radioed to everyone that I was just fine after sitting there with my eyes closed for a minute,” Keane said. “I want to thank Crawford Composites, Honda, SCCA Pro Racing and the FIA for making such a safe car. I walked away without a scratch on me and I can’t wait to get back in the car to make a podium run at Road Atlanta.”

F4 U.S. Championship points leader Kyle Kirkwood of Jupiter, Florida, had a rough second day of racing. Kirkwood started fourth on the grid during Race 2, but after braking issues lost momentum throughout the race and finished in 11th place. During Race 3, Kirkwood’s brake problems were resolved. Starting in 14th position, Kirkwood made his way through the pack, chipping away at his competition. Kirkwood made his way to fourth, challenging Robinson for podium position. Kirkwood’s charge ended after incidental contact around a turn caused a flat rear tire. He retired to the pits for a quick change and continued the race.

The F4 U.S competitors return to action for their fourth event of the season Sept. 17-18 at Road Atlanta in Atlanta.

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Exciting On-Track Action Ends an Eventful Weekend at Mid-Ohio

Exciting On-Track Action Ends an Eventful Weekend at Mid-Ohio

The final race of the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course may have ended in yellow, but the excitement during the weekend finale left spectators on their feet.

Cameron Das of Brooklandville, Maryland, shot out of the standing start from his pole position, gaining a substantial lead over his competitors. Das, driving the metallic blue and white JDX Racing Zero Chroma F4 U.S. car, went the entire race uncontested and capitalized on his first-place position.

“It feels great to see victory circle,” Das said. “All the hard work we put in this weekend really paid off. We worked on the car a lot and saw big improvements. I just needed to stay consistent, put good laps in and stay on track. We were extremely happy with the end results.”

While Das set the pace for Race 3, it was the field behind him that caused exhilarating spectating. With seven minutes left in the 30-minute round, Raphael Forcier of Montreal and Austin Kaszuba of Burleson, Texas, went into turn one battling for position. Kaszuba, who was on the outside of Forcier, cut in closer to defend his line, leaving a gap of space for Benjamin Pedersen to make a high-risk, high-reward move that if done successfully, would catapult him four positions forward.

“I was a couple positions behind Austin and Raphael,” Pederson said. “I saw the two of them battling and took that advantage to get a good run out of turn one.”

In a thrilling display of open-wheel racing, three F4 U.S. drivers went three wide in the Keyhole with Forcier on the inside of the turn, Pedersen on the outside and Kaszuba in the middle. As the competitors tried to straighten out of the turn, there was only room for one competitor and no one in the group would cease their track position. Forcier made incidental contact with Kaszuba, causing a ping-pong ball effect into Pedersen. Pedersen went up onto two wheels into the wall before it tilted back over right-side-up. The incident would cause a full course yellow and Forcier and Pedersen would not return to the race.

All competitors involved in the incident were not injured and the race concluded in yellow.

Friday podium finishers Skylar Robinson of Augusta, Georgia, and Jackie Ding of Shenzen, China, struggled in Race 3. Robinson started seventh on the grid and finished the race 12th after experiencing difficulties late in the race. Ding stalled on the start, leaving him in last place. Ding tried to play catch-up the entire race, but his Race 3 top-10 hopes ended after spinning into the gravel. Ding was extracted with front end damage and did not return the race. He finished 15th.

Baltazar Leguizamon of Buenos Aries, Argentina, withdrew from the race before false grid line-up.

The F4 U.S. competitors meet again in just 13 days at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey, from August 26-28 for the third race event of the season.

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